Front-End Developer


John is super chilled, whether he’s at home or at work. We’re not 100% sure quite what he’s hiding under his hat, hood or hat/hood combo – but whenever he pops up with a rye one-liner or a quick fact, the entire studio is in stitches. We sat down with John to hear about the man underneath the hood.

You’ve worked at loads of other agencies, what brought you to AHOY?

Yeah, I’ve worked at a much smaller agency, and as an in-house dev, but I’ve always had a thing for AHOY – since I first got into the industry, I’ve always wanted to work here. I guess I’ve just always thought that AHOY’s work has a personal touch to it, and I’ve gotten a sense that everyone that works at AHOY genuinely cares about the work that they put out. I wanted to be a part of that and to work in that kind of atmosphere. Plus, there’s the small matter of it being only 10 minutes down the road for me!

Describe an average working day for you at AHOY?

First things first – coffee – I can’t start the day without coffee, and maybe a Snickers bar. From there it’s pretty much a constant back and forth between me and whichever designer I happen to be working with on that particular day. My days aren’t quite as varied as the designers’ days, I’m spending around 80% of the day staring at Sublime and writing code – which I love, by the way. Other than that, it’s either sitting around the table for lunch, more Snickers bars or more cups of coffee. There’s a load of laughs along the way, though – the office conversation is always more about entertainment than work!

How did you end up in development?

I used to be a painter and decorator, and frankly, I got tired of climbing ladders and painting walls. I’ve always been into computers and techie things, so after a bit of learning and research on my part, then more learning, and more, then even more learning – I somehow managed to get a job doing what I now do for a living, and I haven’t looked back. Well, maybe once or twice in the hot Summer months…

What’s the best piece of industry or work-related advice you’ve ever received?

I read something once and it’s always stuck with me with regards to development. I can’t for the life of me remember their name, I think it was a designer, but I guess the same philosophy could be applied to most professions – provided you actually want to make good products, and that’s always asking yourself: “If you were the user, is it good enough?” .

Any albums or songs on repeat at the moment?

Hmm, I don’t really do albums as much these days, I pretty much tend to find a new artist and listen to all their stuff then come across another. Recently I’ve been quite into college rappers like Hendersin and Yonas – everything they do is so much fresher than a lot of the stuff that comes from the mainstream artists these days.

What TV series or film do you recommend at every chance you get?

Well, I’m a bit of a series addict to be honest… There’s the usual recommendations I suppose, like Breaking Bad and Dexter… But probably my two favourite series I’ve watched recently, are Continuum and Fringe. Both futuristic FBI kind of things, right up my street.