Account Director


Times were hard for Paul when Art Attack ended, but we saw more in Paul than his striking similarity to a Roman emperor with the world’s first human-sized LEGO hairpiece. We sat down with Paul after he’d kindly dished out yet another round of brews to his gasping colleagues, and waxed lyrical about his road to AHOY, and agency life in general.

You’ve worked at loads of other agencies, what brought you to AHOY?

Living a five minute walk away from the studio definitely helped! Though to be honest, I’d reached a point where I needed to leave my old agency for a fresh challenge where I could take on more responsibility. At the time, I was only working on one account and I’d started to find working on it monotonous. Luckily, a chance meeting with Mark at a mutual friend’s barbecue ended up creating an opportunity for me to develop my career at AHOY. I actually turned Mark down the first time around, but the next time we saw each other we’d both had a couple, alright more than a couple of beers, and I asked him if there was still a job going. After another brief, sober meeting where Mark outlined his plans for the agency, I knew I’d made a mistake and AHOY has turned out to be a perfect match for me.

What’s an average working day for you at AHOY?

It starts off with John or Alex making a round of brews, and then the fun begins. No two days are the same, and that’s exactly why I enjoy my job so much. It’s a mix of studio, project and account management, as well as going out and trying to bring in new work. It’s great that each project has a completely different team, depending on the particular skills that are needed, because it means that I get to work with everyone at one point or another. One minute you’re briefing a developer, the next minute he’s walking around like a crab impersonating Doctor Zoidberg. It’s just water off a duck’s back after a while!

Do you have any good stories from projects you’ve worked on, whether it’s in the distant past or from just last week?

Without name dropping, one of my favourite AHOY moments was arriving at a meeting for an exciting new football game concept, and finding that the client was Kevin Keegan. Not only is he a football legend, and an ex-Manchester City manager, he also shares my dislike for United. I’d love to say that I was able to beat him at his own games, but even at his age he was still one hell of a lot better than me and the rest of the team!