A quintessentially British brand, Barney & Taylor is one of, if not the oldest family-owned leather brand in the UK. Famed for the quality, durability and provenance of its leather goods, they approached us in late 2013 intending to relaunch with a more premium edge to the brand. We were tasked with developing that revised identity with a new logo and website that still honoured the brand’s heritage and story.


The new logo depicts a hexagonal honeycomb ampersand containing scissors and a bee. The scissors signify the bespoke tailoring that Barney & Taylor were known for, and bee is nod both to the worker bee (both literally and figuratively as a reference to the hard-working people of Manchester), and to Manchester itself – the home base of Barney & Taylor since the company’s early days (the bumble bee has been a part of Manchester’s city coat of arms since the Industrial Revolution).


Our revised branding was applied across the board, from the website to the clothing tags, to the metal branding hardware on the jackets, wallets and so on. We have created lookbooks and brochures for the client to hand out to prospective suppliers, as well as printed welcome literature to accompany each and every purchase.


The business cards are almost as luxurious as the Barney & Taylor products themselves, in fact, using 540gsm Colorplan embossed with glossy yellow foil – with matching packaging and garment tags.

Barney & Taylor Web Communicating a brand’s heritage and supporting it with a contemporary Magento ecommerce experience