Knight Corporate Finance is a brand founded to advise businesses and entrepreneurs within the telecommunications, media and technology sectors. Established in 2008, their brand identity was in need of a refresh, as was their website.


Our redesigned marque evolves their original marque, recreating the knight chess piece in a more abstract form – one that stays faithful to the overall shape of the traditional game piece without being a meticulous recreation of it. The use of simple geometric shapes and a solid block foundation within it conveys a brand that is strong, contemporary and composed, with subtle graded shaded and a bold typeface to convey a sense of depth and presence to the Knight brand.


As well as revamped corporate stationery and presentation templates that fitted with our new identity, we built a fully responsive website that would serve as an online brochure of sorts – explaining their services, documenting the transactions they have advised on and offering comprehensive case studies to cement their status as an authority in the world of corporate finance.

EP Bitumen A multilingual brand and website with personalised brochures for every client, supported with promotional video