The Salford Quays of Leeds, Leeds Dock is a creative, residential and retail hub sat alongside the River Aire. Acquired by Allied London in 2012 and rebranded as Leeds Dock in 2013, the area is a far cry from its former self, buzzing with activity throughout the year. All they needed was a fully responsive site that reflected that, positioning the area as a destination for pleasure as well as business.


Though there were already Leeds Dock brand guidelines in place, they were only created with print in mind. As such, we amended and added to them to better represent the brand in a digital space. The main thrust of our brief was to emphasise events, adjusting the hierarchy of information accordingly to position the Leeds Dock site as a go-to resource for Leeds, as well to breathe as much life into the site content as possible without obfuscating key information and resources.


The fully responsive site is supported with a robust, user-friendly WordPress, with the most flexible templates we have designed yet – allowing for different colour palettes, custom sliders and layouts on a page-by-page basis. This means that, though hosted under the umbrella of Leeds Dock, the individual personalities and brands of events and spaces at the area can easily be conveyed on their dedicated pages on the Leeds Dock site.

The Mere Golf Resort & Spa Our largest scope and most ambitious user experience project to date