Born in the bedroom of Mark Strain, Machine Fitness is a rare breed of clothing brand – selling clothing specifically made for wearing at the gym, clothing that is cut in a way that showcases your bodybuilding efforts.


Though the previous Machine Fitness marque was functional, it was a marque that always needed clarification and typographic support to explain it. Our challenge was to create a marque that could serve as Machine Fitness’ version of Nike’s iconic “swoosh”.


The marque that we arrived at was one that visual represents layers of building muscle, a chiselled set of abdominal muscles and a letter ‘m’. In addition, the marque contains wave shapes – evoking heart rate readings as well as the peaks and troughs of a successful training session. Finally, the overall shape of the marque is reminiscent of a heart – the driving force of every biological machine.


Though initially the marque needed to be paired with the “Machine Fitness” type, the latest Machine Fitness ranges have been able simply use our marque to advertise the brand. Mark has enjoyed continued success with the brand, reaching 122,000 Twitter followers, 23,000 Facebook likes and 41,000 Instagram followers. A fully-fledged community has risen up around the brand, in fact, and Mark is looking to overhaul his website later in 2015 for greater customisation and filtration options.

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