The Muna brand arose out of a simple desire to provide nursery furniture that didn’t require parents to compromise when it came to interior design. Nursery furniture that didn’t need to be pink, blue or covered in cutesy cartoon characters – high quality Scandinavian furniture that is clean and contemporary, while still being completely safe.


Bearing the nature of the brand in mind, we needed to make sure that prospective customers were immediately aware that they were dealing with a different breed of nursery furniture brand – no matter which brand element they were interacting with and seeing.


The Magento site that we built was fully responsive, with emphasis being placed upon product imagery and lifestyle shots. With Muna’s furniture being priced at the higher end of the market, it was imperative that the user experience justified the increased cost – making transactions effortless across multiple platforms.

Process cont.

In addition, we made use of the lookbook concept traditionally associated with fashion labels and translated it to become a key element of the site. Customers are presented with the option to “buy the room”, further contextualising Muna’s furniture offering, while also showing how well the various products within Muna’s range complement one another.

Public Desire An edgy, exciting and on-trend brand that rises above its eBay selling roots with a powerful Magento back end