With Walrus we were set what sounds like a simple brief, but one that any design studio would kill to receive. It’s a brief that can be interpreted every bit as abstractly and ambitiously as you do or don’t want it to be. We were asked to lean into the ‘Walrus’ name and create a new identity for the bar that drew inspiration from the iconic Beatles song “I Am The Walrus”. We were given that single sentence brief, and encouraged to produce something “psychedelic”. Well, the results speak for themselves…


You ask our designers for “psychedelic”, that’s exactly what you’re going to get. The illustrations that you see before you are the product of hours upon hours of research into classic psychedelic sixties imagery, albeit in a cleaner, more geometric form. Every major character and object mentioned in “I Am The Walrus” is present and correct here, from the Eggman to the cornflake, the flying pig to the eponymous walrus himself – topped off with yellow matter custard by the bucketload.


These illustrations were carried through to every single touchpoint of Walrus’ brand atmosphere – from the menus to the business cards, the window vinyls to the fully-responsive animated website. The latter touchpoint has, what we can modestly describe as an unusual scroll-activated animating introduction with floating cornflakes and flying pigs expelling bubbles – because of course it does. As we mentioned above, you ask us for “psychedelic”, that is exactly what you get. This bold design is supported with casual, ever so slightly snarky copy that self awarely rolls its eyes at Beatles obsession in a stark, refreshing contrast to the faithfulness of our identity – avoiding the brand feeling like obsessive Beatles fandom rather than the stylish fun that it is intended to be.

Rosylee Shrugging off a stuffy image with clear, confident verbal and visual identities