New Arrival: Sam Foster

Earlier this year, we took on a new Account Executive. One of Yorkshire’s finest exports. A man that knows no fear. A man that wins £500 of designer clothing, and still use his NUS card at the checkout… When he’s not bargain hunting, he’s…

Actually, we’re not 100% sure what he’s doing if he’s not bargain hunting…

A snippet of our big ol’ one-on-one interview with Mr Samuel Foster for your reading pleasure, ladies and gentlemen:

How does working at AHOY differ to working for your previous places?

The environment definitely has more of a teamwork vibe to it. With the places I’ve worked at in the past, it’s definitely been more of an isolated, headphones-in-all-day type of thing – there are moments like that when I’m deep in a CMS populating a website for most of a day, but it’s definitely not the norm at AHOY. That’s even before I get to the varied roster of clients I get to work with every day… It’s always fresh, I can’t complain!

How do you find working in Heaton Moor compared to working in central Manchester?

It’s such a great place to commute to every day, and seeing as I live in the city, working in Heaton Moor breaks things up nicely – it’s a lovely village.

Any albums or songs on repeat at the moment?

Macklemore’s newest album is definitely up there, mixed in with a little Black Keys and Kendrick Lamar.

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