Web design for stylist Carol Spenser of Channel 4’s Wedding House

It’s been over 12 months now since Style Directions stylist Carol Spenser approached Ahoy. To say a lot has happened in that time is an understatement. Work began on the branding many months ago but later slowed due to Carol staring in Channel 4’s Wedding House which has been a great success.

When Carol approached us she had a revolutionary new method of guiding women to buy clothes that were more flattering. Her new method, however, came with a big difference; it was less about giving women a name for their body shape (as made famous by Gok Wan and Trinny & Susannah) and more about educating women on the 4 key outfit shapes that can be applied to any item of clothing. Carol Spenser has developed a new garment shape method that does away with giving women a ‘body shape‘.

The process of taking a person’s stats and then providing the ideal shape had been done via post but Carol wanted to take a leap forward and move it online. Using a special algorithm, it would take the simple statistics given and then provide the user with their ideal outfit shape.

Phase one of the website has come together incredibly well and the site has many features, including a link to a shop which users can filter to show only products matching their garment shape. It also has a message board where women post tips and ask questions. Women can also view their ideal wedding dress based on their shape.

It doesn’t stop at shape either. Carol also produced an algorithm for colour direction aptly named Colour Directions. Women enter info, including hair colour, eye colour and skin tone to give them a colour guide.

Now that phase one of the website is complete we are looking at all sorts of possibilities including ipad and iphone app development and video guides.

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