Time to redesign your logo?

Today’s world is obsessed with the strive to remain young and attractive. This obsession also effects the way in which we consume, and unfortunately, if your brand starts to appear dated, drab, and no longer ‘attractive’ it gets left behind. That’s why it’s important to keep up with the times and remain contemporary in the eyes of your target market.

A logo redesign is a good start. Sometimes this can mean a tiny tweak here and there – maybe a new, more contemporary typeface. Other times, a bit more of a ‘face-lift’ is needed, with the logos emblem cleaned up and refreshed and a new colour pallet established. And , if things are looking really dated, a complete logo redesign.

Here’s a few examples of some well know brands that have recently redesigned their logos. Taking into account their target audience’s growing concerns with the food they consume, the environment, and the importance of a healthy, balanced diet they dropped the ‘value’ looking black and replaced it with a fresh and healthy green. The font has been slimmed down, yet recognisable at the Morrisons typeface.

Vauxhall also haven’t gone for a complete redesign. When a brand has lasted so long it’s a little dangerous to stray too far away from it’s previous image. To help modernise the overall appearance and boost recognition, they have simply focused in on a small section of the current logo. They’ve replaced the red backdrop with a black, conveying a more sporty and technological image. The logos sharp edges give a more focused appearance.

HMV and BBC Three both target the youth demographic. Therefore remaining youthful and contemporary is vital to their survival. Both have used a soft, rounded typefaces to appear friendly and informal, and the use of vivid colours currently seem to be the trend in this area of design. Whereas HMV has decided to drop the dated beveled effect, BBC Three has chosen to introduce a glossy three-dimensional effect, bring a little more life to the logo.

Finally here’s a logo that’s taken a huge step backwards. Capital One recently introduced a ‘swoosh’ symbol heavily embossed behind their typeface. Along with an unusual choice of colour is makes the brand appear dated and more like a brand of toothpaste than a credit card company.

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