We believe that brands can and should be so much more than their logos. For us, brands are atmospheres made up of a whole host of crucial touchpoints that surround your product or service. They are the primary ways by which your customers experience your brand.

These individual elements can be as subtle as a receptionist's greeting, to as fundamental as your mission statement and company ethos. Our aim in creating and revamping these is to strike a perfect balance between what you know your brand to be and what your customers think it is.

Every brand has an atmosphere, they’re just made up of different values and branded elements.

Layer 3 Sensory Touchpoints
Layer 2 Values
Layer 1 Customers
Core Product or Service
Wider Atmosphere Awareness
The Layers of the


Research Brief Creative Concepts Feedback Findings & Recommendations Refinement


Our atmosphere process is a comprehensive service, and we are at our best when we are able to tweak and improve as many brand elements as possible. That said, we can have as much or as little involvement in the process of building your brand as you would like us to have. Together, we can make sure that your customers see your brand in the right light.

The case studies below are perfect examples of our brand atmosphere process in action.



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