Brand Strategist

Richard Smith

Bursting with personality and brand knowledge, our resident Brand Strategist Richard ensures that our creative is more than just skin-deep. He delves deep into brands to discover the underlying truth, opportunities for success and the foundations for our creative. Even that glowing introduction does Richard a disservice as he really serves a a deft interpreter between client and creative or brief and solution. And with previous experience with the likes of P&G, BBC, and Google, his knowledge and expertise are an enormous asset to ourselves and every client we work with. This is his story…

What’s your story? What brought you to AHOY?

Beer (true story). I met Mark through a mutual contact for a beer one Friday. We both had a passion for brands and producing creative work that not only looked amazing but that was anchored in a consumer truth. The following week I was running a brand strategy workshop. The rest as they say is history. Oh and the AHOY fridge is still loaded with beer.

What does a typical day / week at AHOY look like for you?

A typical week is a great mix of running brand workshops, scouring the internet for trends, digging into information from the client…all looking for nuggets of insight about the brand I’m working on. Then popping the headphones in, thinking it all the through and turning that into a top notch brand strategy. It’ll also be presenting that to clients and finally working alongside the creatives as they work their magic turning my words into creative concepts.

If someone’s wondering whether AHOY’s going to be the right agency for them, what would you say?

I’d say come in a see us, chat to us. There really is a great vibe around the office and the space we work in. Come and tell us your problems, let us get our teeth into the challenge and work with us as we come up with great brand ideas and blooming awesome creative.

Describe yourself at work in three words

Total brand geek (alternative loves a gossip)

Describe yourself at home in three words

Secret Emmerdale addict (hangs head in shame)

What’s the best bit of your job?

I love being a brand detective…unleashing my inner Miss Marple! Looking for clues…What’s a brand all about? What floats the consumers boat? What’s happening in the category? The industry? What does the future look like? So the part I really relish is running brand workshops, getting to know the clients and brands more and then developing a brand strategy that gives everyone the lightbulb moment.

Where can you be found in your spare time?

I can be found in my garden tending my orchard (sounds grand, it’s just 10 apple trees). The interest isn’t entirely horticultural…more that they produce lovely, and surprisingly strong, cider.

Tell us something about yourself people might be surprised by.

I have a love for heights! From doing a solo parachute jump to launching myself from a cable car for a 8 second, 150m free fall bungy jump I really do enjoy being up high above the earth.