Account Manager


Yorkshire’s finest export, ladies and gentlemen. A man that knows no fear. A man that wins £500 of designer clothing, and still use his NUS card at the checkout… When he’s not bargain hunting, he’s… Actually, we’re not 100% sure what he’s doing if he’s not bargain hunting.

How does working at AHOY differ to working for your previous places?

The environment definitely has more of a teamwork vibe to it. With the places I’ve worked at in the past, it’s definitely been more of an isolated, headphones-in-all-day type of thing – there are moments like that when I’m deep in a CMS populating a website for most of a day, but it’s definitely not the norm at AHOY. That’s even before I get to the varied roster of clients I get to work with every day… It’s always fresh, I can’t complain!

Do you have any good stories from any of the projects you’ve worked on at AHOY?

Meeting fellow Yorkshireman, Chris Kamara, during our work running Greene King’s social media was definitely an early highlight, that’s for sure.

How do you find working in Heaton Moor compared to working in central Manchester?

It’s such a great place to commute to every day, and seeing as I live in the city, working in Heaton Moor breaks things up nicely – it’s a lovely village.

Are there any strings you’d like to add to your account executive bow?

I’m still pretty new to this role, so gaining more and more experience is more than enough for now. I’m always looking to learn new things, making sure that my work is always of the highest possible standard.

If you weren’t in this industry, what would you be doing instead?

I’ve always wanted to do gig photography, you know… I studied photography at college, but it just wasn’t what I expected. Too much time was spent in dark rooms doing the boring stuff, when what I really wanted to do was get out and actually take some pictures! On top of that, it’s a ridiculously competitive industry to get into, and living in the back end of nowhere at the time with no venues nearby definitely didn’t help matters.

Where are you from originally? How does Manchester compare to your original stomping grounds?

Yorkshire! Yorkshire! I love living in the centre of Manchester, being around fields for 21 years gets a little boring. It’s great having everything on your doorstep. I’ll probably return to living in the sticks closer to retirement, though…

Any albums or songs on repeat at the moment?

Macklemore’s newest album is definitely up there, mixed in with a little Black Keys and Kendrick Lamar.

Where’s your favourite night out spot?

Usually I’m at a gig or trying out a new restaurant, so it’s tough to pick just one… The Albert Hall has got to be my favourite venue in Manchester, though!

What TV series or film do you recommend at every chance you get?

My all time favourite TV show is The Office US, Dwight is the best TV character ever, for sure. Film wise, I’m partial to pretty much anything DiCaprio or Tarantino!