When a competitor with branches nationwide opens up a stone’s throw away from your main practice, you have little choice but to overhaul your brand to keep up – which is exactly what Adams Vets approached us to help out with. With their brand as it was, they were battling against inaccurate assumptions of them being more expensive than their competitors, as well as the limited brand recognition they had earned over the years. Our challenge was to strengthen the Adams Vets brand, building an identity that positions their service as personal and attentive, with a consistently high quality of care – provided at a reasonable price.


We decided upon an illustrative approach very early on. It seemed like the best possible way to create a brand identity that struck a perfect balance between approachability and professionalism – while still being a distinctive, ownable asset for Adams going forward. The identity we decided upon is undeniably contemporary, but still adaptable and relatively simplistic – ensuring that the identity can be used and built upon for years to come.

Further, our identity arose out of the simple realisation that no matter what veterinary practices do, more often than not, they are viewed as quite negative places. Pet owners visit expecting to overspend, and pets themselves only visit when they are sick or in pain. With this in mind, we wanted to create an identity that ensures that owners never lose sight of the good days of pet ownership – showing typical pets in thriving, healthy states within a neutral, uplifting setting that any pet owner can relate to – the park.


Our identity was then carried through, not only to Adams’ main brochure, but their business cards, letterheads various pieces of informative and promotional literature too – often with bespoke illustrations for each.

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