We first worked with EP Bitumen in 2015, carrying out a full brand refresh, website build and design and production on a complete suite of print collateral. In 2017, the company asked us to update their brand and website in line with their changing commercial focus. As an international company supplying bitumen and bitumen emulsions for road construction projects on a global scale, EP Bitumen were keen to ensure consistency across their marketing materials, and to position themselves as a forward-thinking industry leader.


We replaced EP Bitumen’s previous visual branding with more of a statement colour scheme: International Klein Blue, white, and a range of greys. The new, more powerful, visual identity helps to communicate EP Bitumen’s dominant position in the global market, while the deep blue instills a sense of trust and stability. The evolved logo – an arrow comprising a range of geometric shapes – gives the company a new recognisability, and has been individualised across a range of print materials, including business cards. High quality imagery and videography demonstrates clearly what EP Bitumen does, while showcasing the people behind the brand – it shows a mix of equipment and vehicles, aerial site views, and staff members for a human touch.


While our previous brief focused equally on EP Bitumen’s print and digital collateral, this latest collaboration leant far more heavily on the company’s online presence. We updated the website with a new, streamlined navigation. The header menu has been removed to reduce clutter, and replaced with a hamburger navigation. The homepage now features an eye-catching animation and a long, vertical arrangement of informative written and multimedia content. The website features screen-locking functionality, centring relevant content in the viewer’s eye-line for ease of reading and a more enjoyable browsing experience – vital when presenting information on a relatively complex topic.


The website has also been translated into French and Spanish to cater for EP Bitumen’s international clients, and has been tested to ensure optimum performance in any version.

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