Kellogg’s Supply Chain

Kellogg’s Supply Chain exists to support the end-to-end process of producing Kellogg’s iconic cereals and snacks. Once every three years, members of the Supply Chain attend a conference to reflect on the past and discuss future progress. The subject of this year’s conference was ‘transformation’.

Transform Together

Hosted in Dublin, 2018’s conference was titled “Transform Together”. It covered various topics aiming to increase communication between the 4 sectors of the Supply Chain; planning, sourcing, processing and delivery.

Conference Identity

Our identity for the conference puts the themes of communication and transformation at the forefront, incorporating speech marks into typography that changes size as it progresses. Character illustrations of Kellogg’s employees interplay with the letterforms to represent their involvement as conference attendees.

Illustration & Animation

Having already undertaken an internal workshop, Kellogg’s approached us with a name and concept in place. They wanted to represent their employees across each link in the Supply Chain through character illustration; represent each area of the Supply Chain in context and to use a ‘transformer’ as a metaphor for combining these areas into one working system. We worked with illustrator Jordan Yates and animation studio Boardwalk to bring this concept to life.


The transformer is the ultimate conclusion of the animation and the final aim of the conference. The head represents the planning sections of the Supply Chain, the arms sourcing, the torso processing and the legs delivery.


The 160 second animation was produced in a paper craft style, referencing Kellogg’s cereal boxes.


We rolled the identity out onto multiple touchpoints including personalised lanyards, a conference brochure and wall graphics.

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