After the staggering success of our branding and packaging work for Lancashire Farm , it wasn’t long before Pakeeza, Lancashire Farm’s parent company, were in touch asking us give their identity a once-over too. Coinciding with an overhaul of their product range, now streamlined to focus on bottles of lassi in several exotic flavours, the time was right to revitalise the Pakeeza brand, making it more welcoming than it has ever been before.

Watercolour was the obvious visual cue to run with in our new visual identity. At once a representation of the vivid, gentle flavours of Pakeeza’s lassis themselves, and at the same time visually similar to the clouds of colour seen at every Holi festival, and so hinting at the drink’s Punjabi origins. The goal was, naturally, to make Pakeeza stand out on the shelf, but also make it even more approachable. Refining the Pakeeza wordmarque was but one part of this, moving away from a completely capitalised sans serif to a softer, more characterful sans serif in a darker shade of green.

The packaging is central to the entire project, though. Conveying a premium product with a gold foil wordmarque, but supporting it with playful, chaotic droplet flourishes and straightforward, friendly copy that clearly communicates, not only what lassi is, but also what time of day and occasions call for it. All of this is then carried through to the fully responsive and tastefully animated Pakeeza brochure site, giving visitors the ability to browse through the full range all at once.

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