In its previous incarnation, Public Desire (then known as My First Wish) was a brand that exclusively traded on eBay’s marketplace – the brand was considered a ‘PowerSeller’, in fact. We were approached with the task of extending the brand’s reach beyond eBay’s customer base. We revitalised the brand with a new name and a new, edgy direction that sought to capitalise on their ever-increasing Instagram following.


In keeping with Public Desire’s new direction and following, we made a live stream of Instagram imagery a central feature of Public Desire’s homepage. At the same time, we given Public Desire’s fast fashion focus, we wanted to make sure that the user experience was as seamless as it could possibly be.


We carried out extensive interactive wireframing and user testing in the web design process. Given that 60% of Public Desire’s customers were mobile users, and American mobile users at that – the Magento back-end needed to accommodate currency conversions, and the overall site needed to be completely responsive.

digital marketing / web design / ecommerce / ux / content Barney & Taylor Communicating a brand’s heritage and supporting it with a contemporary Magento ecommerce experience
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