Stockport Business & Innovation Centre (SBIC) is a recently refurbished business incubator located on the third floor of a former cotton-spinning mill in Stockport. With the refurbishment came a desire for a brand refresh, which is where we came into the picture.


Our branding approach invites SBIC’s prospective tenants to carefully consider the importance of the space that they operate out of. One that reminds tenants to just how important their offices and their location can be – becoming an intrinsic part of a business’ identity and personality, as well as directly influencing how well a business operates.


With us emphasising the importance of a business’ physical location, we decided upon a series of straplines that push business owners to take ownership of everything they have created – it’s your business, your space and ultimately your success. It was the experience and future potential of a business operating from SBIC that we were selling, rather than the specification of the centre itself.

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An expandable gap runs between the SBIC lettering, one that represents the fluidity of the SBIC lettings, as well as the control that tenants are given to expand or contract the spaces that they sign up for. At the same time we developed an extensive set of brand colours and tones, avoiding restricting the brand to a few select colours.

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