Wondrwall’s pioneering intelligent living technology is designed to revolutionise the way we live, using machine learning and predictive modelling to adjust heating, lighting, safety, and security systems in line with homeowners’ habits.

We were charged with refining the company’s brand, and creating a responsive website and suite of packaging, communicating Wondrwall’s user-centric ethos through beautiful design and optimised user experience.


Wondrwall’s vision is to give the home a brain, creating an intelligent ecosystem that learns from users’ past behaviours and adapts its functions to meet homeowners’ needs before the even lift a finger. The system is designed to deliver true automation via an integrated platform, rather than using discrete devices to offer standard remote control functionality.

We worked to reflect these objectives through both design and function. The visual branding is subtle and unobtrusive, much like Wondrwall’s sensors, but features an exciting flash of neon lime, highlighting the surprising and innovative aspects of the product.


Wondrwall’s distinctive ‘W’ logo was left untouched; we introduced a more refined logotype using a bold sans serif typeface that increases legibility and provides more balance.

Wondrwall’s responsive website and product packaging carry through the chic, minimalist theme, communicating information in a straightforward way. White-space surrounds high quality product imagery, showcasing the product itself and reflecting its ease of use. Similarly, the website is populated sparingly with clear, easy to read content, a streamlined navigation, and monoline illustrations in white and grey, conveying simplicity, modernity and elegance.


“Working with AHOY was a pleasure – the new site is enat, sleek and easy to navigate which aligns with the way our technology is designed to operate; it’s user-focused every step. The rebrand showcases our ethos perfectly: the new look is stripped back, stylish and contemporary, and that’s really what we’re trying to achieve.”

— Daniel Burton, CEO Wondrwall

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