Mr Cooper’s House & Garden, previously known as The Colony, is a two-Michelin-star chef and restaurateur Simon Rogan’s second venture at the Midland Hotel, Manchester. Opening in September 2013, the 150-cover restaurant is a modern and varied dining experience serving as the casual companion piece to The Midland’s flagship restaurant, The French.


Working with The Midland, we developed a brand based on Thomas Cooper, a renowned Mancunian philanthropist. The project was a departure for The Midland, insofar as though Simon Rogan was involved, they didn’t want the new brand to rely as heavily on Rogan himself as a selling point. Case in point, instead of using seasonal produce from Rogan’s Cartmel Valley farm, the menu at Mr Cooper’s is more diverse.


The brand image that we created needed to reflect the diversity and imagination that differentiates Mr Cooper’s from The French. At the same time, we needed to still acknowledge the luxury and heritage of The Midland itself. Embracing varied and modern typography was the first step in this process. Though we created a “Mr C” monogram logo, it is the “Mr Cooper’s House & Garden” typography that takes centre stage across the website, menus and so on.


The typography is complemented by photographer Matt Walford’s striking kaleidoscopic woodland imagery, which is not only visible throughout the website, menus and advertising campaigns, but as artwork in the restaurant itself too. The images features on the menus reflect the season, and have proved incredibly popular – we’ve heard of customers taking them home after their meal, in fact.


Due to the volume of users that were expected to be accessing the Mr Cooper’s website, the site that we built was fully responsive, and tapped into a Content Management System (CMS) that was seamlessly integrated with a booking system to provide a smooth customer experience from menu browsing to booking.

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