Manchester Moleskine x Design Manchester


Two years, 50+ creative contributors, one book… No pressure?

A week ago today was the closing party of both Manchester Moleskine and Design Manchester. With our boy Rick already featured, along with 43 others, for the last six entrants the stakes needed raising again. With all of the festivities going on around them, the final few were tasked with live drawing their pieces into the final pages of the book. David Newton, come on down!

Basing his piece around his daily commute, home to work and every step in between, recreating each stop along the way with old train tickets against a background of black recycled paper, David had his work cut out for him and well, it came out pretty damned well if we say so ourselves.

Like what you’ve seen? Want to support the fantastic Forever Manchester cause? Well, you can kill two birds with one stone by bidding for the one and only Moleskine on eBay, so whack a bid down. You’ve got to be quick though, the auction ends on the 3rd November, and we’d love to see it break £1,000 before it closes – don’t let us down, internet!

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