AdInsight Clarity

AdInsight have recently launched AdInsight Clarity. The next generation of keyword call tracking. This revolutionary system bridges the gap between on and off-line sales and enquiries. It understands how visitors use your website and accurately determines when a visitor calls your business. Make sense? Mmmmmm…kind of.

Ahoy were approached to develop a short animation that explained the process simply and effectively. It was also necessary to highlight flaws with current systems and push the benefits of using AdInsight Clarity. We set to work on exploring graphic styles, developing storyboards and producing the final work.

The animation was going to be used in a forthcoming exhibition, therefore the visuals had to be clear and simple to understand without the aid of a voice over. Not an easy task given the complexities of the product. We were also asked to create a brochure and exhibition boards in a similar graphic style to accompany the animation at the exhibition.

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