GoNutrition Website Goes Live

It was fantastic to see the website we developed for our client GoNutrition go live last week.

The business is the latest venture by sports nutrition entrepreneur Oliver Cookson and has already generated a huge amount of interest among athletes and sport enthusiasts.

With Oliver having previously built up a successful sports nutrition business – which he sold for £60m in 2011 – it was always going to exciting work with him on this project.

We were brought in right at the start of the process to develop the brand identity for GoNutrition and we have carried this brand through to first the products packaging and now the website.

Oliver allowed us a lot of creative freedom with the design work and it is great to see the brand we created together is now generating a huge amount of buzz online. The company’s Facebook and Twitter followers had already topped 10,000 before the website was even launched – and they continue to skyrocket.

We were conscious that with Oliver’s new business we were developing a brand for a premium product which is pioneering in its field. Developed by expert nutritionists, it is also offering consumers much greater choice in regards to the number of flavours available to the consumer – previously this was primarily restricted to chocolate and vanilla.

In this respect the branding we developed needed to be consistent with that pioneering approach. This is why we incorporated the carbon fibre imagery – a material synonymous with cutting edge sporting equipment – which can be found throughout the design work.

We also develop packaging which is progressive and forward thinking. The square packages are design to fit much more comfortably in cupboards compared to the awkward large round bottles usually found in this field. We also incorporated QR codes on the packaging – next to content level strip on the side of each bag – to make it extremely easier for consumers to visit the category ordering page on the website when they notice they are running low. All they need to do is scan the bag with a mobile phone, tablet or web camera.

It is early days for Oliver’s new business and there are other sub-brands in the pipeline – including GoWellness and GoStrength. With this in mind, we developed the ‘Go Further’ strapline not just to inspire the athletes and sports enthusiasts who use the product but to also provide GoNutrition with a branding platform which takes future growth into consideration.

It’s great to see the brand has got off to such a great start and it will be exciting to see how the business performs in the future.


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