Introducing… Brand Attic

This is one we’ve been meaning to announce for a while now, and if we’ve gotten our timing right, this should be live at around the time the press release is flying through the aether to your industry news destinations of choice… Here’s hoping, huh?

We’re excited to formally announce our recent work with Visage Group, a project that follows on from our work on Threadbare, one of their four clothing brands (A.M. London, A&G and Fashion Union being the remaining three). We were commissioned to develop a brand and proposition that united these four brands under one roof.

The Brand Attic website you see today is the final result of our close collaboration with Visage, a fully responsive Magento-powered website clad in a design versatile enough to accommodate not only their current stable of brands, but any additional fashion brands further down the line, and any completely new product ranges entirely too. Our brand identity is one that appeals to all ages, demographics and price brackets, maintaining a consistently cool and contemporary look throughout.

We’d love to tell you more, but we can’t steal the thunder from our comprehensive case study, which should pop up on our work page any day now, or on the articles that will (hopefully!) be published on your favourite industry blog. Sorry to be such teases!

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