Brands missing out on mobile visitors

Is your business ready for mobile customers!

Mobile traffic is on the rise. According to, mobile search share in May 2011 was 5.75% compared to 94.25% for desktop. In May 2012, mobile vs. desktop was 10.11% to 89.89%.

Further, mobile now accounts for 8% of all conversions in Google Analytics, and mobile conversions have grown by about 180% in just the last year. Mobile is no longer considered a trend – it’s the present and the future. People are buying new trainers on the loo at work, business people are checking phone numbers and address on the way to meetings, and people are buying beds online while they are lay in bed.

There is a free mobile audit tool at For the layman it really makes you think about why you need a mobile site and how it should be different from your desktop website.

It asks all the right questions including:

Do you see broken images or missing content?

Can you read the text without zooming or scrolling?

Can links and buttons be clicked with a thumb?

Is your location and phone number visible?

Can the phone number be clicked to initiate a call?

We scored a 6 out of 6 – but to be fair we would be doing something wrong as a digital agency if we scored anything less.

Check your analytics and see just how many visitors or on their mobile. Do something about it before your competitors do.

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