Letting fans choose your packaging

How useful is it?

I spotted an interesting article on the drum about Somerset based cheese producer Wyke Farms letting fans choose their new packaging.

It invited the public, starting with its Facebook fans, to choose the new packaging for its product out of three different designs. The aim of the rebrand is to give the products a greater impact by improving its block branding, while at the same time keeping its image and feel. It’s a great way to do a little market research and it’s surprising it’s not done more often. When a marketing manager is deciding on the packaging to go for the first thing they are thinking is will it stand out on the shelf? does it communicate the key benefits? but more importantly; will our existing customers like it? and will it gain us new ones? Using Facebook in this way allows you to get the feedback from fans, possibly gain a little PR and get feedback from other cheese fans making them aware of and engage with your product outside of the supermarket isles.

Richard Clothier, managing director at Wyke Farms, said: “Good proactive consumer engagement like this is often talked about within our industry but rarely seen. We are proud of our transparency and our ability to embrace ultra-modern practices within our traditional business.” The chosen packaging will be unveiled in September, and will be supported by print and broadcast advertising.

Another brand Honest Tea introduced its Facebook fans to the new label design – in September 2011 – and asked what they thought. Pictured were two bottles, the before and after designs, side by side. More than 4,000 people clicked “Like,” The comments were very mixed but again it proves that fans are willing to give feedback and that the comments are very useful in for the brand and it’s design agency in making informed decisions.

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