Digital Marketing

What we do

  • Email Marketing
  • Content Strategy
  • SEO & PPC
  • Campaign Delivery
  • Display Advertising
  • Analytics
  • Search Audits
  • Visitor Level Tracking
  • PR & Social Media
  • Call Tracking

Online brands live and die by their ability to effectively attract and acquire new audiences, while retaining existing customers. Our expertise and experience equip us to strike this fine balance with the management of a host of key channels.

Our varied approach to digital marketing combines SEO, PPC, social and content marketing. In doing so, we can make sure that you are visible at every stage of your customer’s journey.

Digital Marketing

How we work

Our acquisition process is a comprehensive service, and we are at our best when we are able to tweak and improve as many of the elements that attract your customers as possible. That said, we can have as much or as little involvement in the process of improving customer acquisition as you would like us to have. Together, we can make sure that your customers see your brand in the right light.

  • 01. Explore

    Before we can get started, we will review your existing online marketing with a view to understanding your competitors and the sites that your customers frequent.

  • 02. Ignition

    Nobody knows your business better than you do, the ignition meeting is where you will meet your or your team, ask questions and analyse our initial findings. Understanding your goals and ambitions is a critical part of the process.

  • 03. Preparation

    As well as making sure that your site meets our strict auditing criteria, we can also reorganise and restructure your blog to make sure that your content is displayed and categorised in the best possible way. We will also set up social automation – making sure that each and every new blog post is automatically pushed to your followers on Facebook, Twitter etc.

  • 04. Acquiring traffic

    The research and ignition stages equip us with the tools we need to establish what the appropriate tone and structure of your content should be. We then brainstorm ideas for content going forward, both on-site and off-site. At the same time, the PR and outreach process begins for off-site content – identifying the most influential and relevant websites in your industry, starting conversations and actively building relationships with them. This ensures that we can get good quality content that links back to your site posted with little to no difficulty. Targeted social promotion bolsters the readership that your content attracts, while also increasing the chance that your readership will share your content with their friends and followers. PPC on the other hand, makes sure that you appear alongside your competitors in search results for pre-defined terms. Remarketing works hand in hand with PPC, making sure that you are always visible to visitors, even after they have left your site.

  • 05. Analysis

    We use industry-leading tools to track visitors to your site as well as to report back to you on a month-by-month basis. We aren’t adherent to rankings, however – preferring to focus on visitor level tracking to provide insight on how your site visitors are actually behaving on the site, rather than an arbitrary ranking statistic.

  • 06. Increasing conversions

    Scrutinising heatmaps and tracking reports tends to flag up alterations to the site that could improve conversion rates. A/B and multivariate testing will also be used. Changes that could be made include moving call-to-action buttons, making them larger or changing the colour of them. We could also add live chat functions and pop-up windows offering trials or discounts, tighten up the content on landing pages - there are plenty of tweaks that we can make, and even small tweaks can make a massive difference to bounce rates and conversion statistics.

Digital Marketing

The tools we use

Digital Marketing

What we cover

  • Organic

    Organic SEO involves obtaining a naturally high position within organic search results. These positions are primarily achieved by writing engaging, relevant content – both on and off-site – link building and the adjustment and auditing of on-site elements.

  • Paid

    Paid search marketing involves bidding for a particular position within the sponsored section of the search results for keywords related to your business’ offering. This is only done after thorough research, however, and you are only charged when your advertisements are actually clicked – not for every time they are shown.

  • Referral

    Traditionally only done through word-of-mouth, now referrals are possible with the use of social media or email – making the process as close to effortless as it could be, and making the rewards, big or small, to potential customers almost instantaneous.

  • Social

    Social is becoming increasingly important to building a brand’s online profile and presence. Brands gain thousands of followers by sharing engaging content and being responsive to brand-related feedback, all without sounding too sickly sweet or being too persistent.

  • Direct

    The form of online marketing that we tend to be the most familiar with – whether through email subscriptions and mailing lists, display advertising, microsites or promotional/viral videos.

  • Offline

    Creating awareness through more traditional means – whether it’s TV, radio or print advertising, experiential marketing or tongue-in-cheek guerrilla marketing.

Digital Marketing

The Benefits

  • Increased Rankings

    Increased Rankings

  • Increased Traffic

    Increased Traffic

  • Increased Conversions

    Increased Conversions

  • Increased Acquisition Value

    Increased Acquisition Value

  • Increased Acquisition Reach

    Increased Acquisition Reach

  • Increased Brand Mentions

    Increased Brand Mentions

Natalie Hughes

Marketing Manager, Places Gym

"Friendly team to work with & great results! Highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their brand awareness."

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