Following on from our work on Threadbare, Visage approached us once again to develop a brand and proposition that united Visage’s current offering (namely Threadbare, A&G, Fashion Union and A.M. London) in one place, while still being flexible enough for further expansion down the line – be it with new fashion brands, or new product ranges entirely. As such, the new brand needed to stand on its own without diminishing Visage’s existing brands, to appeal to everyone at any price bracket – all with enough versatility to not immediately evoke or suggest fashion in its offering.


Our route for the brand was one that took the notion of an “attic” to heart, building on the notion of attics being synonymous with pleasant surprises, with visits to attics leading people to uncover and discover treasures and trinkets from key moments in their lives, big and small. The overall design route is clean and contemporary, with flourishes of personality that go above and beyond to surprise and please the customer. For instance, the diagonal line, spot etc. patterns represent each of the four seasons and Brand Attic’s packaging changes with each seasonal shift. In addition, each Brand Attic parcel comes with a personal note letting customers know who prepared their order before sending it out.


As well as deciding what the brand’s values should be, writing a mission statement and brand story, then advising on the brand’s tone of voice, we went on to apply our design route to every brand touchpoint that makes up Brand Attic, both internally and externally. This included clothes labels, order packaging, business cards, packing notes and parcel tape, as well as the build of Brand Attic’s fully-responsive, Magento-powered website.

Threadbare Breathing life into a previously B2B-only brand, and building a solid Magento-powered online presence to support it